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From, May 30, 2007

Reviewer: R. Chae
  • "The book is an enjoyable read and contains many funny examples."
  • "I recommend the book to "UNIX and Linux People" (as the title suggests)"

From, April 24, 2007

Reviewer: Jonathan S. Mark, Alexandria VA
  • "The author shows how one-line Perl commands can perform tasks for which one might otherwise use sed or grep."
  • "In many cases the Perl command includes additional features not always found in the equivalent UNIX command."
  • "I have found this book invaluable in helping me to automate maintenance tasks on my website."

From, February 5, 2007

Reviewer: Brian Wisti, Professional Geek,
  • "Minimal Perl is written in a relaxed, light-hearted manner which still manages to convey thoughts very clearly."
  • "You practice using Perl in combination with other shell tools and then as a complete replacement for those tools."
  • "You will learn a lot about the differences between Perl and the shell tools"
  • "Even the first 20 pages were enlightening My new understanding of -l, -n, and -p meant that I could suddenly whip out a quick one-liner for a simple task, rather than write too many lines of C-style [Perl] code for the same job."
  • "The concepts from this book have saved my tush a few times already"
  • "This book is being promoted as a Perl introduction for those who are already familiar with other popular shell tools such as grep, sed, and awk I [also] recommend this book to anyone who knows Perl but hasn't used it to do any work in the shell."
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From, January 18, 2007

Reviewer: Farrukhy, Cincy, OH
  • "Simply the best Perl book I have read"
  • "I did manage to pick up sed and awk fairly quickly I've been trying to learn Perl for a while now This book took that knowledge and converted it into simple one-line Perl programs!"
  • "After a couple of days, I had enough background to start using simple scripts in Perl that could do a whole lot more than awk and sed."
  • "I have enough background in Perl now to start using the Camel book"
  • "it's always tough for me to start a new language. This book made it very easy to start on Perl. Easily my favorite book now."

From, November 11, 2006

Reviewer: William "vi Bill" Julien, HPC UNIX Performance Analyst, Fortune 100 Company
  • "Perl is a powerful language [but] it provides little guidance on how the programmer can effectively make well-written programs. The goal of the book is to teach an effective programming approach."
  • "the book leverages on the reader's capabilities"
  • "clear and concise writing style"
  • "provides survival skills that one needs to meet office deadlines as well as techniques to improve even the most experienced Perl programmer"

From, October 22, 2006

Reviewer: Jeremy Mates, Programmer/Analyst,
  • "Great Unix Data Wrangling Cookbook and Reference"
  • "I consider myself adept on the Unix command line, though I learned several new commands and best practices from this text."
  • "Recommended to those who do, or want to, spend time wrangling data on Unix."
  • "may obviate the need for 'Learning Perl' or a similar introductory Perl text."
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