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About Consultix
This was a well-paced introduction to UNIX. Instruction was interactive and dynamic. I would recommend this course to anyone . . . I thoroughly enjoyed all four days. Thank you!
The class was excellent and helped me learn a lot! Well worth it!
No other intensive software courses that I have taken come even close to the quality learning experiences I've had in the two courses I have taken with Consultix.
Best classes I've taken - they are well worth attending.
I learned more in this class than in any other one week course I have taken.
The lab exercises have been very cleverly designed to reinforce the learning topic and yet still be fun and challenging.
Excellent organization and coverage - course binder will make a fine reference book back on the job.
Good coverage of quirks that regular course material would not prepare you for.
After years of attending out-of-date, typo-infested course offerings from the big vendors, with inarticulate and unenthusiastic Instructors, it's refreshing to find a small training vendor with such high quality!
Fantastic! And I hope you expand your list of offered classes. There are many other UNIX topics that could use such a good course.
This is the first course I've had that displayed the course book on the projector page by page so I could follow both the book and the Instructor. I wish they were all like this!
Great class - I learned a lot of "secrets" than can only come from the Instructor's 24 years of UNIX experience.

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