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What previous students say:
•  This was a truly excellent experience... Your incredible knowledge of the systems involved is up to any question -- and you made even the mind-numbing stuff enjoyable with the added anecdotes and humor.
Ken Meyer, Software Instructor, Seattle Central Community College
"UNIX/Linux Fundamentals" student
•  A great way to take your Perl skills beyond the basics. If you need to make your Perl code more robust, efficient, and secure, you need to take this course!
Gary Schmidt, Software Specialist, AT&T; Wireless
"Intermediate Perl" student
•  Very good class, straight to the point! I learned a lot of stuff I can use immediately.
G. Mpeye, Sr. Application Analyst, Western Wireless
"Minimal Perl" student
•  The class was very well put together and organized ... overall, the whole experience was very worthwhile.
Mike Smitkin, Web Developer, Washington Mutual Bank
"Minimal Perl" student

Crowd Pleasing Classes in Seattle WA

by Dr. Tim Maher

SeaTac: 12/15-12/17
Perl Programming

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This is a three day hands-on course for those new to Perl who want to learn the basics of the language. It is the prerequisite for all our other Perl courses, except for Minimal Perl. Students write nearly two dozen programs in eleven sessions of supervised laboratory activities.

See the course outline for a detailed listing of the topics that are covered.

SeaTac: 12/18-12/19
Perl Modules, plus CGI

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This course teaches you how to use free CPAN code in your programs, so you won't have to duplicate the effort of writing the equivalent code yourself. There's nothing else you can learn about Perl that will enhance your productivity more! In this special offering, we'll spend extra time on Perl's CGI module, which is widely used by savvy Web programmers to:
  • create web pages, while relieving them of the responsibility of getting the HTML right, and
  • process user-submitted forms, while relieving them of the responsibility of parsing the data out of the fields on their own.
See the course outline for more information on the topics that are covered.

 These courses and others are also available for on-site presentations!

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