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Excerpts from Review of Minimal Perl

by Peter Scott, "The Perl Review", 12/01/06

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From The Perl Review, December, 2006

Reviewer: Peter Scott, author of Perl Medic:
  • "Minimal Perl shows how to construct numerous useful programs without even having to open an editor; it's the ultimate homage to the one-liner."
  • "unique value: listing useful clusters of options so you don't have to learn the rules of how they should be ordered."
  • "If you want to know about Perl's paragraph mode, this is the place to come."
  • "items I found of special value:
    • Coverage of the author's Shell::POSIX::Select [a Perl implementation of the POSIX shell's select loop]
    • advice to put the main program in a naked block of its own
    • using -i.$SECONDS on the command line to avoid clobbering your only backup.
    That last example is one of many in this book of a synergy between Perl and the shell that you will not find elsewhere."
  • "Bottom line:
    • shell veterans will find an easy bridge to Perl that speaks to them in their own language;
    • shell neophytes will find a tour de force road map for getting useful stuff done."
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