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Excerpts from Review of Minimal Perl

by Ravi Kumar, at

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Excerpts from review by Ravi Kumar, of, posted at

  • This book … takes a unique methodology … "Minimal Perl" is a specially crafted subset of Perl designed to be easily grasped by people who have a Unix background.

  • What is unique about this book is that the author specializes in explaining the easiest way of doing a particular task

  • the author consciously makes sure that the learning curve in acquiring Perl skills remains gentle

  • the author illustrates a web oriented application of pattern matching where he shows how to extract and list the outline of site's front page. And the surprising thing is this is accomplished using just a single line of Perl code

  • the final chapter, apart from teaching how to create modules in Perl and manage them, also introduces the CPAN and ways in which one can find the right module

  • this book is peppered with numerous tables which provide excellent information at a glance

  • the Special Variables Cheat Sheet and the Guidelines for Parenthesizing Code provided in the two appendices are really useful as a quick reference while writing Perl programs

  • I really enjoyed going through this book on Perl, especially because it … takes a minimal approach which does away with some of the seemingly complex nature of this language
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