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Excerpts from Review of Minimal Perl

by George Woolley, of

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Excerpts from full review by George Woolley, co-author of "Unix Made Easy" and member of the Oakland Perl Mongers:

  • Rating: 4 smiley faces

  • This is a very good book on Perl especially tailored for Unix/Linux users
    • If you have some experience with Unix but no experience with Shell programming … Part I should be especially interesting to you.

    • If you have experience with Shell programming … you'll find Part II especially interesting.

  • I like the author's strategy of teaching a subset of Perl. … Perl is too vast to teach without some such strategy.

  • While there is much to learn in this book, the book is also fun.

  • I didn't have any expectation that I'd enjoy the book, but I did. :)

  • If you are a Unix/Linux user and wish to learn Perl, I recommend this book.
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